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I''m still looking at the brickmaking industry in Wing. It seems the founder of the Littleworth brickworks, Richard HARRIS, didn't have any children so I think it is likely that his WORSTER nephews may have been the main beneficiaries of his will when he died in 1870. Any WORSTER/WOSTER/WORCESTER descendants out there with a copy of this will (or happy to get a copy to check it out?). Richard was both a farmer and miller as well as brickworks owner, so he likely had a reasonably large estate.


Purple Heather said...

Did you get anywhere on the Worsters?

I have a Worster link in Wing. Fanny Sophia Windmill married Thomas Worster in 1864 in Wing. I think Thomas is the son of William and was born about 1838 but as Fanny Sophia is the sister of my 3x great grandfather I haven't investigated back along Thomas' line yet!

Fanny Sophia grew up with her 9 siblings in the Queens Head.

Alex said...

I still haven't seen Richard Harris' will so I'm not sure if the Worster boys did inherit.

Your Thomas (born 21 April 1838, the son of George) was the last to raise a Worster family in Wing, but the Worsters stretch back to 1703. Thomas' grandfather Thomas was a witness in the Adams murder trial in 1838 so you might be interested to check that out.

cormorant said...

I have family tree connections going back to Thomas Worster, around 1812 Ascot, farmer, married to Anne, children are :
+ William 1804
+ Frances 1805
+ Thomas 1808
+ William 1810
+ George 1812
+ John 1814

can anyone help with further details ?

Alex Coles said...

Hi Cormorant - I have some more information offline about your Thomas & Ann Worster and family. Ann was Ann Parsons of Grendon Underwood. If you email me at we can chat more about it.

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