Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mystery birthplace number 2

I've worked my way through and sorted out all the birthplaces in the 35 pages of entries in Wing's second enumeration district except a couple which are shown below (the census reference is piece 1266 folio 32 pg 23).

The first one is above Scotland and belongs to 21-year-old Mary Milne who works in the kitchens at Ascott House. It looks like Single Borne Surrey to me but I can't find anything like that - has anyone heard of this or has any suggestions?

I'd also been puzzling over the one the other side of Scotland, but Henry Loose is still working at Ascott in 1901 and gave his birthplace then as Gunthorpe Norfolk, which does exist - unlike Gualhope Lincoln which is what it looks like in 1891.

Perhaps the enumerator, or whoever was in charge of rounding up the domestic staff's details at Ascott, had gotten completely frazzled by this point!

Incidentally, this site makes interesting reading -
Victorian Domestic Servants - I would guess the housekeeper at Ascott probably had the job of completing the census forms on behalf of her staff.


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