Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to NZ Family History Fair 2010

My ancestry chart is printed, my totebag is packed, my very-limited-edition geneacards are ready (click on the pic to see the larger version - I promise to devote the next twelve months to nurturing any graphic design skills I may have buried deep deep deep down, so next year's effort can do footnoteMaven proud - this year I will just pretend that a streamlined text-only look was what I was going for), my netbook and cellphone are fully charged - on Sunday I'll be at the first NZ Family History Fair for the day. Most of the time I'll be in seminars, hoping to pick up useful tidbits, but I'll also be meeting fellow blogger Photo-Sleuth Brett, and Seonaid the Auckland City Library genebrarian. Watch for my report on Monday!


Sheri said...


Have a wonderful time! Say hello to Brett for me. However, you must say it in a breathy Marilyn Monroe kind of voice while batting your eyelashes at him. If you say that it is from me, he'll be expecting it LOL

I expect a full report when you return!

genebrarian said...

Hi Alex

Am really looking forward to meeting you! Its exciting to think I will be putting faces to names (or faces to Twitter personas) - meeting some Tweeps finally!

Marie and I are packed and ready to go, more or less. Heading to Hamilton tomorrow to take in visits to University Library, Hamilton Public and the GSU Family History Centre. Making most of the time to meet as many in the profession as possible.

Really excited here at Auckland Research Centre - we had Shauna Hicks in to do some research last weekend (lovely lady), and we are expecting Marci Despain tomorrow. She returns to give us her Family Search presentation on Tuesday - so we're really excited about that!

Anyway, looking forward to meeting

Kind regards SEONAID (genebrarian from Auckland City Library)

Brett Payne said...

Only virtual eyelash batting allowed, Sheri. And you what they say, "What happens at the FH fair, stays at the FH fair." ;-)

Look forward to meeting you on Sunday, Alex. I'll be card-less, but hopefully not too clueless.

Regards, Brett

footnoteMaven said...

Stop the presses, Sheri knows I saw Brett first! So send him a hug from me.

I love your card and the inclusion of your surname searches with location was brilliant. Excellent!

Have a very good time, how I envy you!


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