Sunday, April 01, 2012

April update #2

It seems I'm the April fool - I've found some updates to the website that I prepared in January but never actually uploaded, so here they are! Two updates for the price of one!
Interested in the churches and chapels of Wing? There's some additional information from the 1851 Ecclesiastical Census that has been added to the non-conformist pages.

In particular, it's now clear that there were (at least) two dedicated Wesleyan Methodist chapel buildings - one was erected in 1813 and another in 1864. I'm hoping to find some newspaper reports to find out about this process - where exactly was the old chapel? Was it torn down, or converted?

It also now looks as if, although the Burcott Baptist Chapel was formed in 1840, it didn't have a dedicated building until 1845. The Crafton Independent Chapel also wasn't a separate building with regular services, it was an offshoot of Wingrave.


Purple Heather said...

There are two that I know of in Wing but neither are the ones you mentioned I think.

There is an chapel on Church Street fairly close to the High Street (more or less opposite Orchard Way. It is now a residential home. The front stone (at the top - you can see it on google maps) says 1847.

The most recent chapel has recently ceased to be a place of worship and has just been sold. This is on Littleworth.

Hope this helps,


Alex Coles said...

Thanks Heather. The chapel on Church Street with the 1847 stone is the old Primitive Methodist chapel, rather than Wesleyan Methodist.

I'm very sad to hear that the Littleworth chapel (which was the Congregational/Independent chapel) has recently ceased. I understood that there were monuments inside it to the HELEY family and George TRUEMAN, and likely other goodies as well. Is there any chance of getting inside to get photos, or do you know what has happened to those?

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