Targets for 2014

I'm trying not to over-commit this year and the first one is a big project!

  1. World War One Centenary Project (as promoted by the Society for One-Place Studies) - I'm aiming to publish a full profile for each casualty who died in 1914 (there's only one known 1914 casualty so far so I can confidently say this will happen) as well as do the research and bulk of the writeups for everything else I'm looking at as part of that project
  2. Update the existing farm pages for the new photos and information I gathered on my visit to Wing in 2013.
  3. When I need a break from the bigger projects - memorial inscription transcriptions
  4. Ditto - marriage transcriptions, initially the 156 entries for the period 1837 to 1851. I've already done the first six! Fine, it was back in 2012 that I did those. Don't judge me.

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