Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July update

The names of some further men serving in WW1 (DENCHFIELD, EGGLETON, FAULKNER, FINCHAM, GATES, HARRIS, HARWOOD, HORNE and HORSFALL) have been added to the military section this month.

Looking ahead to the August update, I'm going to ask for your help. The 1891 census for Wing has been transcribed, it just needs checking, correcting and converting to HTML to upload. Where do you come in? If you're reading this, please schedule in your diaries to email me on some random day during July and ask how I'm going. I'm hoping that if I'm reminded all month that people are watching me it'll actually happen! I'll also be blogging any difficult-to-read birthplace locations that I'm puzzling over, so if you are familiar with placenames in counties outside of Bucks (or other countries - there's an international flavour to the live-in staff at Ascott) please keep checking back here as you just might be able to help me resolve some of them.


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