Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The great RSS cull of 2013

Google recently announced that its Google Reader service will cease at the end of June. This is sad as it's a useful service for delivering RSS feeds, but also potentially good as we might see some innovation from other companies in RSS feed management and delivery.

I use Flipboard on my iPad to read all the blogs I follow, however it doesn't have any kind of feed management tools at the moment so I'm hedging my bets and also trialling Feedly. The upshot of all this is that I'm using it as an opportunity to review the blogs I'm subscribed to and cull those that are no longer active or no longer relevant to me - and if you use RSS feeds I bet you'll end up doing the same thing over the next few months too.

As you may have noticed I don't blog a lot - this is not my primary web presence for either genealogy (see http://wing-ops.org.uk/ and http://one-place-studies.org/) or me generally, and I don't blog just for the sake of it. I'll still be posting to alert you to updates on the Wing-OPS website, or other random genealogical bits and bobs as the mood takes me, but there's no regular schedule. So if I don't make it through your culling process I won't be offended - in fact I won't even know! But rest assured I'll be happy that you are maximising your genealogy time by using great tools like RSS to get the information you want or need.

If you spot a great new tool that you're planning to use to manage your genealogical RSS feeds going forward, do let me know in the comments.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wing As It Was - another copy on Ebay

If any of my readers were bidding against Heather for the copy of Wing As It Was that was up on Ebay recently, you get a second chance. Someone else (and this seller is in Wing itself!) is now selling their copy. On average I see these come up for sale maybe once every two years or so.

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