Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you help? Poll books

Wing residents from several years' polling in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire are currently listed on the website. I'm aware of the following years of Buckinghamshire poll books that survive but that I don't yet have - do you have access to them (available at Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies and other places), and if so can you get me scans or photocopies of the page for Wing? To be complete, I'd also like a copy of the title page, and as a bonus, details of any Wing residents listed in other parishes - unfortunately I don't think these will be nicely indexed for you though!

1685 - 1700 - 1701 - 1702 - 1710 - 1713 - 1734

From 1841 to 1890 almost a complete run exists of the annual electoral registers - these registers list those eligible to vote, rather than recording actual votes cast as the poll books do.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Falling in love

I'm just finishing up on the three-week One Place Studies course I'm taking with Pharos Tutors. This has been a very interesting experience - as well as high quality course materials there certainly is a lot of value in being able to interact with a group of fellow genealogists, all intelligent, committed to the course subject and from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Lots of fun and knowledge to be gained by bouncing ideas and results off each other! Check out Pharos Tutors to see if there's an upcoming course that interests you.

Here in NZ, Rabobank advertises using the slogan "your significant other bank". It turns out I may have a significant other one-place-study (as well as a Top Secret Genealogy Project that you will hear about later). I'm a little bit in love with the hamlet of Tilford in Farnham, Surrey, now. I tell you, places are addictive!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Twiglet on the tree

I'm an aunty!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September update

This month I've done a bit more housekeeping, adding notes on the usage of old-style versus new-style dates where appropriate, along with details of the administrative boundaries of Wing to the gazetteers page.

New to the wills page is the will of William RICKARD, "late of Slapton and now of Stanbridge" who owned property in Wing and elsewhere when he died in early 1841. William evidently didn't have children, so many brothers, nephews, nieces and other individuals received bequests. If you're connected to RICKARD, BONE, PRICE, BUCKMASTER, or FOUNTAINE in Wing or surrounding parishes this will is worth a look.

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