Sunday, May 01, 2011

May update

Hi everyone! New additions to the website this month are:

* The will of William HONNOR from 1752, provided by regular contributor Dave. This will gives an interesting insight into William as he is quite specific about his bequests. It's also interesting due to what happened next - William died within a week of making his will, swiftly followed by his wife and eldest son who were both buried within a week of William himself. This caused some problems for the execution of the will given those two were joint executors.

* New memorial inscriptions for HOUNSLOW, provided by Christine who has recently made her first visit to Wing, MALLETT and PEASE, provided by regular contribution Maureen (more to come next month).

Do you have something similar you could contribute to the website? Email me. Photos of gravestones in All Saint's churchyard are particularly welcome since I don't live in the UK so can't get there myself. If you are taking photos specially for me, then the higher the resolution/filesize the better (I'm happy to accept all formats including RAW).

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