Friday, July 17, 2009

He's a rebel

I'm currently following the adventures of one William NEWLAND junior, who appears to be the son of the bailiff for the Cottesloe hundred - now there's something to rebel against! I've known about him for a little while but I'm going through the calendars of the quarter session records for Buckinghamshire for the 1678 to 1694 period (published by the Buckinghamshire Record Society) and slowly pulling together more information about his misdeeds.

Obviously I'll also need to research what became of him later - will he never ever be any good?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wing War Memorial

Excellent news from modern-day Wing this week. The repair work to the War Memorial is about to begin! If you are in the area, do pop in to All Saints Church - Vic Sirett has put together a display about the men on the memorial.

Friday, July 03, 2009

LMA poor law records database update has been digitizing the poor law records held by the London Metropolitan Archives. Since their first release (which I wrote about back in March), they have added some records for two more unions to the database entitled "London England Poor Law Records 1834-1940). The new unions are Greenwich and Haringey. They may also have added some individual record collections for the existing unions into the database but Ancestry aren't telling us exactly what the update consists of, so who knows.....

While tidying up my Ancestry homepage, I discovered you could use the new Quick Links feature to "rename" databases. You have the option to alter the default database name as you add it to the Quick Links area, so I have added the three databases from the LMA and renamed them to, for example "LMA Poor Law Records" *rant mode on* rather than their current generic names that don't acknowledge the source of those records at all or help you pick out the right database from the crowd.*rant mode off*

*no, rant mode on again* I've also deleted all the existing default Quick Links - rather stupidly, these all point to rather than so are as good as useless if your subscription is to the UK site!*rant mode off, over and out*

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July update

A while ago I posted about JK Fowler's "Echoes of Old County Life", and mentioned that his sequel to that book, "Recollections of Old Country Life", was of particular relevance to Wing. This month, excerpts from that book have been added to the webpage detailing the murder of Thomas Adams in 1837.

I won't give you any clues here but will say that I gasped out loud while reading that particular chapter in Fowler's book, and that anyone with an interest in the case (or an eye for scandal) will definitely want to read these revelations.

Here's the Adams family in question (click to enlarge):

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