Monday, August 19, 2013

Updates to the Burcott farm page

I've made a small update to the Burcott farm page today. With the help of some emails with the current resident of Burcott House, I've revisited all the old maps for Burcott and drawn some more solid conclusions as to the location of "the" Burcott House and similarly named properties in Burcott.

My behind-the-scenes project is still to finish transcribing the key to the 1797 enclosure map, after which I hope to be able to map the boundaries of the various plots of land against a current map. This should help illuminate those farms and their boundaries. Of course, nothing much will get done on this over the next couple of months as I'll be travelling! You can expect more photos of modern-day Wing, perhaps even some with me in them, upon my return. There may not be a building, gravestone or landmark untouched by my lens......

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