Friday, March 13, 2015

A 1920s adoptee

We're looking for your help. John GREEN lived in Wing as a child and is believed to have been born in Wing in 1926. He was adopted (John Green is his adoptive name) and his adoptive family possibly lived in Wing through to the early 1940s. But that's all we know, or think we know, about John's early life - he went on to join the military in 1944, had a successful career and ten children, and has since passed away.

John's grandson is keen to see if we can find out any more. Perhaps you are a Wing old-timer and remember John and his family living in Wing? Perhaps you have an illegitimate baby boy born into one of your Wing families around 1926 who seems to disappear? Perhaps you have an orphaned boy and you don't know what became of him? If you have any information or potential leads, please email me. It doesn't matter how small, it may be just what we need to confirm or refute a theory or perhaps will fit together with other pieces of information to provide us with a breakthrough.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Football during WW1

I've updated the footballers page with the names of a few November 1914 players in a Linslade & District vs Yorks & Lancs Regt match. The newspaper report was useful on two counts as it demonstrates these three men were not currently serving in the war. It would be a more useful clue if Smith had been named in full - was he Samuel Smith from the war memorial?

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