Saturday, November 07, 2009

Milling about

I'm definitely back on track with my webpage about the milling industry in Wing. I've finished all the research and writeup about the mills and the millers, now I just need to finish my background research about the process of milling itself, as I only have a very hazy idea about this, and find some suitable illustrations for the page. This last bit always proves challenging - I don't have ready access to Wing or to museums that might house suitable objects I could photograph, so I'm hoping to find a relevant line drawing or two I can extract from one of the milling books I found on Google Books. I've already created a customised map, a first for the website, but there's a fair bit of text so it needs a fair few illustrations beyond the map.

I will also need a visit to the library to confirm a fun fact - apparently when the mill moth first appeared in England it popped up in Buckinghamshire, Stony Stratford to be precise. I have a reference to the volume and page of the Victoria County History of Buckinghamshire in which this is recorded but I have no recollection of actually seeing this, so a trip to the Auckland City Library (who I know has these volumes) is called for, just in case I dreamed the whole thing up!


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