Saturday, September 01, 2007

September update

Only one update this month, but it's a goodie! The 803 burials in Wing from 1846 to 1874 inclusive have now been transcribed and are on the website.

Don't forget about the sitemap on the website, which has a direct link to every individual page on the site. You can find the link to the sitemap at the bottom of the right-hand column on the homepage, and once there you can click through directly to any of the new years of burials.

Transcriptions of all the burials from the start of the Wing parish registers in 1546 through to 1909 are now readily available as follows:
1546 to 1782 - in the Woodman transcripts (available on CD from S&N Genealogy Supplies)
1783 to 1812 - on my website
1813 to 1845 - in the National Burial Index (available on CD from FFHS)
1846 to 1909 - on my website

I won't be getting around to transcribing either the 1813 to 1845 period or the pre 1782 period of burials any time soon - given the deficiences in the IGI extracted batches for baptisms I'll probably turn my attention to getting complete transcriptions of the baptisms next! They're much slower going than burials though......


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