Friday, November 16, 2007

Military men

It seems to me that the Military Men page is getting a bit unwieldy, so I'm going to be reorganising it over the next wee while - it's getting busy already in the leadup to Christmas so I can't guarantee you'll see the revamped pages until early next year! I'm planning to have separate pages for those men serving in WWI, WWII, then all the others. I think that'll strike the right balance between having room to move and not having to look at too many pages in search of men from your families.

This does of course mean I'll have a bit more space to expand on each entry - if I have the information to hand - so if you have something to add on any of the men please let me know.

Incidentally I'm feeling very "vintage" at the moment, reading books about the RAF in WWII and, on a more girly note, learning all about hairstyles of that era (yes I am too young to have been there done that). My first attempt at pincurls certainly attracted attention at work today!


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