Tuesday, March 04, 2008

All roads lead to Bucks - part two

And yet again, another of my lines leads me to Bucks......

There I was, innocently researching my TRAFFORD line in the Oxfordshire Family History Society transcriptions of the parish registers for Finmere. Easy as it turns out, the most recent entry is my great-grandmother Amelia Trafford's baptism in 1872, then jump back through her father George and his father John (who was the parish clerk and sexton) to arrive at his father John who was the patriarch of the whole small clan in Finmere thanks to his three marriages, the last of which gave me my Parish Clerk John.

Checking the census records, I discover that Patriarch John's third wife Susan(nah) EVERETT was, naturally, from Bucks - Adstock this time which is a new one for me. Patriarch John inconveniently died before the 1851 census but was still around in 1841, and was NOT born in Oxfordshire - anyone want to bet he was also from Bucks?

And did I mention their son Parish Clerk John married a girl who was living in Haddenham Bucks at the time?


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