Monday, August 18, 2008

Census update

The 1891 census has now been fully transcribed, checked and corrected. So it will definitely be converted to HTML and uploaded to the website as part of the September update.

In other news, you may be aware that the LDS have been working on a revised version of their Family Search website, which can be viewed at I'm going to try and reserve full judgement on it until I've had more of a chance to experiment with it, but I will say that standard Firefox keyboard shortcuts don't seem to work in it, and some things seem like a great leap backwards. For example, they have partnered with Find My Past to obtain their index for the 1861 census however the FamilySearch version has less search fields available - that said, the fields in the free search results are also slightly different on each site so, if your finances won't stretch to getting a copy of the census page itself, using the two searches in conjunction will get you more information than either site alone.


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