Sunday, October 12, 2008

Same names, different couple

It always pays to gather as much information as possible to avoid making incorrect assumptions. This is a bit easier in the 19th century as you generally have multiple census years to look at, but a bit harder if you are looking earlier. A researcher emailed me a while back about the marriage of William DIMMOCK and Sarah POLLARD in 1815, as he is descended from William and Sarah. This confused me for a bit, as I had thought I had identified exactly who this Sarah Pollard marrying was (one of my direct ancestors), but she was clearly too old to be giving birth in the period immediately after this marriage, yet there was a William and Sarah Dimmock baptising children then. It turns out that there was two William and Sarah Dimmocks in Wing in the 1810s to 1840s - one older couple who married in Wing, and another younger couple who most likely married a year or two earlier (they baptised two children in 1814) but not in Wing!

So it turns out Brian and I aren't related - on this branch at least, I'm sure we all know what Wing trees look like. If you are a DIMMOCK researcher and know who the mystery Sarah (not a Pollard) was, please email me as I'm sure he'd would love to find out.


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