Saturday, November 01, 2008

November update

This month I have another batch of baptisms for you! These new records cover from 1837 (including a couple at the end of 1836) to half way through 1870. The 1214 baptisms bring the total number of baptisms on the website up to 2014, with the period 1813 to May 1870 now covered.

As I've mentioned before in this blog, while this baptism register is included as an extracted batch in the IGI there are too many omissions in the IGI version to make it reliable. There's also more information on each original entry than you will find in the IGI, most noteably father's occupation and abode, but also sometimes other snippets like birth day and time! If you've relied on the IGI to provide some of the entries in your Wing family trees and haven't yet looked at the original parish registers, please consider taking the time to review my baptism transcriptions - if nothing else, you will have confirmed the information you have on hand, and there's a fair chance you'll gain some useful new information or some new entries as well.

Other things that have been updated this month:
* a new brickmaker, George RUST, has been located
* a new trial witness, William LATHWELL, has been added to the crime page
* a new marriage stray, for Jesse BOLTON and Emma SMITH, has been provided
* three new BOLTONs serving in WW1 have been added (thanks to Janice for the tipoff on her grandfather's record in the National Roll, which led me to the other two)


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