Wednesday, February 04, 2009

File wrangling

I may have the Wing section of my computer directories very well organised, but the same certainly can't be said of my general genealogical directories. I picked the next batch of paper off my "to-do" tower and sat down to transfer the handwritten transcriptions onto the computer. After poking round trying to find the right file to update I eventually discovered that at some point in the past I'd already done it!

There are a lot of transcriptions lurking in my Genealogy/Miscellaneous directory, naturally all with a completely different file name structure, so I made a start this evening trying to consolidate them a bit. Now I have a number of "Transcripts - XXX.xls" files where XXX is the Chapman code for the county. Within each spreadsheet is a tab for each parish I have extracted records from.

I imagine that other genealogists would generally organise things by surname. I think my brain has been rewired to instead think in terms of geography, thanks to the one-place-study!


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