Sunday, April 26, 2009

Transcript software

This week I downloaded Transcript, a freeware program to help you transcribe from image files into a Rich Text file. This program loads the image in the top half of your screen, and you can type in the editor in the the bottom half of the screen.

I've tested it out by transcribing the 1895 Kelly's directory using it, and I do think I'll keep using it. It's not perfect - most notably I'd love it if it could save in plain text format or HTML format natively (so I don't have to open the RTF file and resave as TXT, then open and resave the TXT file as HTML if I'm transcribing something for the website). I'm also still experimenting getting images extracted out of PDFs so that they can be opened in Transcript. But overall the program is sensible and streamlined, features I always appreciate!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this program out Alex, it looks like just the thing I have been after for ages. I have been using an "always on top" text editor for my transcribing but I will definitely be giving this a try.

Sheena said...

Thanks for that link Alex. I've just downloaded it to transcribe a will and it's so easy compared with my previous juggling with image software and text editor.

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