Thursday, August 06, 2009

From Wing To Eternity

This post is an article for the 16th edition of the Smile For the Camera blog carnival on the topic of "Bling, ancestor Bling"

Family mementos are a bit thin on the ground from my Wing ancestors. I do have one piece that has a Wing connection though.

My great-grandfather Bill Williams, born in Wing Buckinghamshire in 1901, gave my great-grandmother a diamond cluster ring as a 40th wedding anniversary present. She hadn't fancied rubies, the traditional 40th anniversary gift, but apparently she didn't particularly fancy the oversized diamond ring she ended up with either! When this was inherited by my Nana she had it reset into a number of different pieces of jewellery. One of these was a six-stone diamond eternity ring which I, in turn, inherited when Nana died.

One day I'll continue the tradition and have this reset into a more modern style, but for now I wear the ring as is - stones given by a man from Wing and worn daily by his great-granddaughter.

What bling did your own ancestors from Wing have? Do you have any cameos, pocket watches, medals, or other personal items inherited from your Wing families, or any photos of them wearing these treasures? I'd love to see them.


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