Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too tired to stare at a computer

I've been awfully busy and tired lately so I haven't had any time for genealogy. I popped by Ancestry yesterday though and see they have dramatically expanded the range of records from the London Metropolitan Archives, so if you have been waiting for access to some of the London parish registers held at the LMA you should definitely check to see if they are included in Ancestry's records yet. The links are:

Births/Baptisms 1813-1906
Marriages and Banns 1751-1921
Deaths/Burials 1813-1980
Parish Registers 1538-1812 unindexed

Be sure to browse down to the parish you are interested in first to see which years are included for that parish as it may only be one or two at this stage rather than the full stretch suggested by the database title. That way, you'll know whether to come back later to re-check.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, my problem is just the opposite, I have been spending too long on genealogy.
Now it feels like I have a family reunion going on inside my head and each of my ancestors is shouting out for attention! I wish some of them would sit down quietly and wait their turn.

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