Thursday, January 07, 2010

Let it snow

Is it snowing in Wing? Send photos!

If you're marooned inside, make yourself a cuppa and settle down to some quality genealogy time. I've spend a lot of time over the last two days (I'm on summer holidays here, will refrain from posting photos of myself in the sun with a tall fruity drink) searching through Ancestry's databases from the London Metropolitan Archives in search of my London-based families. While these records are far from complete (always check using the Browse feature to see if the parishes you are after are even included, and if so, what years) I've had quite good luck on my WILLSON family. They had eleven children (or so I thought), and I have found baptisms for five of them including my great-grandmother, but sadly not her older sister who was my great-step-grandmother. I also found another three children I didn't know about including one son by the name of Ethelbert Lionel Horatio WILLSON!


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