Monday, February 01, 2010

February update

This month there's a few more WW1 military men from the WO363 "Burnt Documents" series - a PAGE, a TAYLOR and a TUFNELL, and more on LATHWELL and TEARLE.

While I remember - a reminder that if you are viewing these records on Ancestry, the first page that will be displayed is usually the Attestation page. Always click on the left arrow button to check the pages beforehand, as the attestation may not have been the first page that was scanned from that individual's file. I would guess this is because the Attestation contains the key information that Ancestry have indexed so that's the one they have linked to in order to "view record", but you may be missing out on half the file if you take that as the starting point.


Sheena said...

Good point Alex, I never thought of that one. I do check all the pages after the attestation form though!

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