Sunday, April 04, 2010

1911 census summary books

While meandering through the Help database in, I came across the following:

1911 England and Wales Census Summary Books
Question: When will the 1911 England and Wales Census Summary Books be available?
Answer: Early Release of the 1911 UK Census - We have now reached an agreement with the National Archives to release the 1911 England and Wales Census Summary Books. The Summary Books are projected to be released some time during 2010.

This item was last updated on 31 December 2009. One could speculate from this that we won't see the household pages themselves on Ancestry any time soon (perhaps they will end up waiting until the non-redacted versions are available in 2012) but the summary pages (the supplementary lists with one line per household showing the address, occupier name, and headcount) will be coming shortly.

Suffice to say, those summary pages would be *extremely* useful for the Wing One Place Study.


Purple Heather said...

Hi Alex

I have a full subscription to FindMyPast which has the full 1911 census sheets and summary docs too.

Would you like me to get you copies of these?


Alex said...

I'd be very happy to accept any donations of the summary sheets so I can create a master list of the households of Wing that year. I've purchased the pages for the two households of my own families in Wing, and as it turned out they both appear on the same summary sheet!

Anonymous said...

The impression I got from one of the talks at Who Do You Think You Are? Live this year was that the 1911 census was not a high priority for them anymore, it has already been done and their resources would be better spent on new material.

I can see their point, it would be good to have it on Ancestry, but it might mean we have to wait longer for something else.

Alex said...

Interesting - I wonder if they might end up including it unindexed instead? Or perhaps index it via the Ancestry World Project?

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