Tuesday, June 08, 2010

NZ Family History Fair

New Zealand is having its first Family History Fair! No longer will I cast envious sideways looks at bloggers reporting back from Who Do You Think You Are in London, or Jamboree in California (have fun this weekend, you guys), now I can be one of them......

I'll just be heading down to Hamilton for the Sunday. After perusing the seminar line-up, discarding those specific to NZ or Australian research and those that look like they might be targeted more at the beginner, I've chosen the following:

* Genealogy Privacy Issues
* Researching in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales (mainly to see if they mention one-place-studies as a valuable resource!)
* Digitally Publishing Your Family Story
* Digital Photography - Blessing or Curse?
* Organising and Preserving Your Research

This will hopefully leave enough time to check out the exhibitors - more of the overseas big names are attending than I would have expected.

If you're in NZ, are you going?

(Updated to add - must brush up on Amy's Rock Star's Guide To Genealogy Conferences!)


Brett Payne said...

Not being a member of the NZSG, I didn't know about it. I had a look at the web site and programme, and it seems largely aimed at beginners or those fairly new to the game. Like you, I have no NZ or Aus research interests, so those are ruled out too. Most of the exhibitors have web sites that I seem to spend my life on :-) Not sure if it's worth my while heading across there for the day on Sunday or not.

Anyway, hope you have an enjoyable day, and if I do decide to go perhaps we could meet up for a coffee at some stage.

Regards, Brett

Brett Payne said...

Oh, and I notice there is nothing about blogging, and nothing about old photos ... at least that I could see :-(

Alex said...

This being their first fair, I'm sure they will be looking for feedback from the attendees - I'll make a list for them of things we would like to see next time round, including your comments. It does give off an air of being more targeted at beginners, so perhaps the time spent with exhibitors will end up being more valuable?

It wasn't clear from the website exactly how much the service charge for the "privilege" of registering online was - for me, ordering a day pass, it was $5.68 which I thought was pretty excessive considering I wasn't even going to pay via credit card. No mention of a social media policy on the website either.

If you do happen to go, let me know and we can definitely meet up.

Alex said...

Another thought - I'm not a member of the NZSG either. The only place I have heard about the event to date is on Twitter from an exhibitor - it would be interesting to know exactly where they have been publicising the event because I suspect they are missing out a big chunk of their possible market.

Brett Payne said...

I noticed that they are definitely branding it as a "Family History Fair," akin to the hugely successful ones in the UK over the last few years. There is a logo and a link to the NZSG on the main page, but they are very definitely sidelined by the dominant "Fair" image. I wonder if that was a conscious effort on their part. However, I suspect that the fair has mainly been targeting NZSG members.

I did a couple of google searches and found a few notices posted on bulletin boards, apparently by fair organisers, so there has been some attempt at pulling in people from elsewhere. I didn't find a great deal of online discussion of the even. Their Facebook page has plenty of "Likes" but has little content or discussion from interested parties.

I've long since stopped Twittering - just not enough hours in the day, and I find it too distracting - so your post was the first I heard of it. I've been in two minds about the NZSG. I was a member for three years or so, and was a real fan of their excellent magazine, but I found there wasn't enough UK-based stuff to interest me long term. The society's research resources were largely inaccessible to me, being an out-of-towner. Have you ever been a member?

Brett Payne said...

OK, I've registered for Sunday. I've also offered to man one of their so called "hot desks" for people who want estimates of dates for old photographs. They've replied very promptly with a "yes, please" and suggested that Saturday would be a good time for that. However, in addition to my having to make a second trip over there, they want me to pay for entrance on the Saturday too ... weeeeell :-(

Alex said...

Lovely - I'll be sure to catch up with you!

Sheri said...

Alex Baby! You get your best Madmen Avitar outfit on and go have a wonderful time! You are a Rock Star in my book!

Brett Payne said...

OK, should I be looking for someone in a "Madmen Avatar ouftit," or someone with perfect posture and a martini in her hand?

If you email me (I don't see an email link on your page), I will send you my cell phone number and we can arrange to meet some time tomorrow.

Regards, Brett

Brett Payne said...

Thanks for the correction. I would have looked pretty silly turning up there today ;-) See you next month.

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