Friday, July 22, 2011

GATES help

I'm back working on the pages about the farms and farmers of Wing, hoping to have at least one hamlet ready for the August update to the website. However I need a bit of help unravelling the GATES family (specifically the line that came to Wing from Aston Abbots, i.e. the line where Baron appears as a forename) in the early 20th century. If there are any descendants or relatives out there who could share information with me, please please email me at as I'd love to get it resolved.


Purple Heather said...

Hi Alex

Lavinia Gates (b. 1824 in Aston Abbots) married William Windmill (b. abt 1822 in Wing) on 13 Nov 1845 in Wing.

William was living with his parents William and Mary Windmill in the Queens Head pub in Wing at the point of his marriage.

This is a bit of a distraction to your Aston Abbots Gates query but shows that one of them moved to Wing over 50 years before the period you're looking at.

Hope this helps,


Purple Heather said...

One more thing - slight tangent on this family.

Their first son was John Gates Windmill. He grew up, moved to London and worked as a chemist.

He was also a bigamist as a lost cousin of mine has found out - she has found no death record or record of divorce from his first wife Louisa Sleath before he marries Emily Sarah Page in 1872.

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