Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wing football team 1928

Occasionally you receive exciting mail and today was one of those days. Thanks to the lovely Barbara in the US, I now have a newspaper clipping about the Wing football team of 1927/8! This photo was published in the Leighton Buzzard Observer in February 1988:

Wing football team 1927/28
A letter from Joe Brand of Wantage Close was subsequently published - the sole surviving member of the group at that time, he named the men as follows:

Back row standing: P Paxton (trainer), W Corbett, W Woolhead, L Pitchford, E Gates, Joe Brand, G Woodwards, Mr Osborne (chairman), landlord of the Dove Inn [which you can see in the background] P Janes, and L Corbett (secretary).

Middle row seated: J Corbett (linesman), B Roper, W Rowe, V Woodwards, and Mr Fowler of Aylesbury (referee).

Front row seated: M Bolton, L Bandy, W Hounslow, O Horne, and F Rickard.

The team had won the Marsworth Cup a week or two previously. Well done, lads!


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