Saturday, November 18, 2006

1841 census

Immediately after my last post, I turned my attention to the straw plaiting summary. It was curious that I couldn't find local straw plait dealer Benjamin RANDALL in 1841. To my horror I have just discovered that he was definitely in Wing - it's just the page he is on was missing from the the original scans I transcribed the 1841 census from.

And what's worse, I have just done a full check and there's eight pages in Wing and another two in Littleworth all missing on the CD I originally used!

Suffice to say getting those transcribed and up is now my number one priority.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I found myself on your site due to searching for the surname Randall and noticed that the surname Randall comes up quite a bit. My Nan was a former Randall and so far I have been able to go back to a Frederick and Hannah Randall on my family tree. Am now trying to see if this Benjamin fellow was Frederick's father? If this is the case it means I can go further back. Do you have anymore details on him? Was he married, who too, dates? etc.

I must say I really enjoyed reading all about the straw plaiting times in Wing, couldn't believe I was reading a little about my ancestors of Frederick and Hannah, it really amazed me. My parents and grandparents are all Welsh born, including me and to think I have links to England is so fascinating.

Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards


Alex Coles said...

Hi Dawn - make sure you check out my main website at if you haven't already. If you get in touch with me via email I can give you some more information on your Randall family, but yes, Frederick was Benjamin's eldest son by his first wife.


Anonymous said...

Thank you and have emailed you back

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