Sunday, November 12, 2006

All roads lead to Bucks

All genealogists know that a certain amount of lateral thinking and branch digging is required in order to make progress from time to time, and I've just seen this again within my CRUTCH family (not a Wing line). Mother Ann, maiden name IMPEY, died in the 1860s, father John is boarding with his brother in 1871 - but where are the younger children? Not under Crutch/Cruch/Crnch/Crnich (all the variations I saw yesterday in!), but by looking for just Ellen (no surname) born stad* (for Stadhampton, Oxf) I found her in Berkshire - mistranscribed as Butch rather than Crutch, although to be fair the enumerator's handwriting makes this particular mistranscription perfectly forgiveable. My reward for eventually finding her? She is the niece in the household of John & Mary HUTT and widowed father-in-law Joseph Impey. So now I have my Ann's father and sister (and by tracing Joseph back through the earlier census records while dodging the TMPY mistranscriptions, Ann's likely mother and a few more siblings). And, unsurprisingly, Joseph turned out to be from Bucks, this time Bierton - Bucks locations just keep popping up on all branches of the tree!

Sadly I still can't find Ann Impey in 1841, she's not with her parents and is probably just old enough to be out as a servant somewhere, anywhere .......there's one possibility in Burford but I'm not convinced. So today I'm off to our local library to check their OFHS parish transcription fiche in the hope I missed some useful IMPEY information the first time round, perhaps I can definitively link the Thomas IMPEY my potential Ann candidate is living with to the Stadhampton IMPEYs.

Meanwhile in Wing the first three pages of the second enumeration district of 1891 are now complete.


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