Saturday, November 04, 2006

Meandering from my head to yours

While continuing to slog through the 1891 census transcription for Wing, I started to worry that you, dear reader, might be sitting out there wondering why it wasn't finished yet when I've been claiming it's "coming soon" for months I thought a more informal forum might be called for. I'll keep you updated on exactly what I'm doing behind the scenes and other little research bits and bobs that might prove interesting.

So - 1891, now up to page 23 of 62. I got a couple more pages done yesterday.

I've also been working on a page about the straw plaiting industry in Wing for some time now. Unfortunately I decided I would need some stats about the proportion of Wing people employed by that industry, and to do that I needed each census year's data in a handy electronic form. And the most comprehensive way to do that was to transcribe each year - hence the 1891 census transcript. However in the interest of getting that straw plaiting info up some time this decade I think I'll take a few short-cuts for 1881 and 1901 and just flick through each page adding up the relevant numbers.....


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