Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Subject Lines

Here's a handy hint, always make sure the subject lines of your emails (and blog posts!) are useful. I do reply to all emails I receive through Wing-OPS except those that get flagged as spam, so having a useful subject line (eg RANDALL of Wing) will make it more likely I'll see you! Just "Wing" or "Wing-OPS" won't necessarily do it, the spammers know those :) Today I received three messages with the subject line "Hello" - two were spam, but one was a real message which very nearly got deleted.

On the topic of my own personal "subject lines" I did have a very productive session at the local library with the OFHS fiche the other day. As well as more of my CRUTCHes (this time under Croch/Crotch/Crouch) I found some of my IMPEYs - recorded as EMPY by that particular vicar or clerk. Unfortunately I have a feeling my newly discovered BOSDEL/BASDALE ancestor is going to prove troublesome.....


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