Friday, December 05, 2008

Memorial inscriptions

At the moment I'm gathering together the photos I took of the gravestones for my own family surnames when I visited Wing in 2005. These will be going online along with a transcription of the inscription itself (as these may be a little hard to read once the size and resolution of the photo has been adjusted for the web).

If you have photos (or even just notes of the inscription) of gravestones or memorials at All Saints Church, please do email them to me, and I can then set up a page for that surname. The larger the size and resolution, the easier it will be for me to manipulate behind the scenes to read particular words, so email them along as is without any processing and I'll do all the tweaking at my end.

The photographer or provider will of course be credited on each photo.

And if anyone living in the immediate area would like to pop by the churchyard and take a look at a couple of gravestones where my photos are unfortunately obscured by leaves and the like, please email me and I'll give you the details.


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