Monday, January 19, 2009

Myrtle's monthly checklists

Many of you will be aware of DearMyrtle who has a blog, website, podcasts and more about genealogy. She is posting monthly checklists to encourage us all to get organized in 2009.

I do have a somewhat organised system, but it's definitely time to take a fresh look at how I have things filed away, and work out a better way of handling the genealogical-to-do pile (tower might be more appropriate than pile!). Myrtle's story about how difficult it can be to share your progress with others, and how much more approachable and engaging it could be if you took that into account in your organisation system, also gave me food for thought. So over the weekend I trotted off to get some fresh ringbinders and what-not from the local stationers and will be rejigging things over the next few months. Perhaps you would like to join me?

Her January 2009 checklist can be found here:

I'm interested to see exactly how her system works. I'm not convinced I want to split my female ancestors' lives across their original surname and their husband's surname (or husbands' surnames, I can think of at least one ancestor on my tree who had three husbands) - but I'll withhold judgement until Myrtle explains it all!


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