Monday, March 02, 2009

Ancestral Atlas

Ancestral Atlas is a new genealogical website that lets you map your ancestral events. It's currently in beta and registering gets you free access - naturally there will be subscriber features down the line as well.

I've just been tinkering to see how it works - you'll never guess where I have pinned my test events! - and it seems interesting. They're evidently still working out the glitches, for example once I had pinned one event it wouldn't let me use the same pin for the second event for that person, even when I tried in another browser. As you might expect, once a location has been pinned those pins obscure the name of the location unless you are zoomed in - wish some smart cookie would figure out a solution to that too!

You can also pin the locations of archives, libraries, genealogical societies and the like, so down the line it would be a good way to plan a trip to the area you are interested in.

Ancestral Atlas

UPDATED on 5th March - it's letting me use existing pins now, hurrah!


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