Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I spent some time this evening cross-checking two of my WHITE ancestors (from Dorset and London) from hard-copy paperwork to PAF file.

I do think I like the idea of filing paperwork that affects the whole family behind the family group report - this means less paper for a start as you don't duplicate census pages and the like. I am however updating each year's census event in each individual's PAF entry so that it has ALL the details from the census in the Comments field. In the past I hadn't recorded things like relationship to head of household but obviously this will make finding the census printout a bit quicker going forward as I will be able to guess which family group (eg as child, as parent, or as something else!) the page is filed behind.

Having reached Edmund Worledge WHITE (born 1845 in Corfe Castle, Dorset), I'm also taking the time to fill in some gaps, like the odd missing census entry I don't seem to have. I'm forcing myself to use Ancestry's new search engine to try and find them, rather than reverting back to the trusty old search engine. This is proving......challenging. Blogging about what you're doing rather than actually finishing trying to do it is never a good sign!


carthorse.eddie said...

Hi Alex,

Long time since we last made contact. Just searched Edmund Worledge White and came across your blog. Just to let you know I'm still researching the White side.

Martin White

Alex said...

Hi again Martin! I'm still slowly working my way through making sure my PAF datafile is complete for my current research. One day soon there will be light at the end of the tunnel and I can restart research on all my neglected lines.

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