Thursday, May 21, 2009

Googling along

You may have heard about some changes to the Google interface in the last week or so. One of these is the ability to restrict search results by how recently the page changed. This does throw up some interesting things that otherwise might have been buried further down in the results, so give it a go.

One Wing-related result I found was a collection of church photos from Martin Beek on Flickr. He has several wonderful photos from the interior of All Saints Church (that I desperately wish I'd taken - he makes the skull on the Fynes memorial look amazing) - do check them out! He has similarly beautiful photos for other churches in the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire area, so you may find some more photos of ancestral interest amongst his collections. (there's a few photos on this page that aren't Wing but feature cherubs with wings so get picked up by the Flickr tag)

Also on Flickr is "wingcommunity" with numerous photos of modern-day Wing:


Anonymous said...

You may also like these videos I came across (they're not mine):

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