Thursday, April 08, 2010 - The Decision

Today my car had to go to the doctor for the third time this year. I believe this is the universe assisting me with my Ancestry subscription renewal decision - so the decision is in, and it's a No.

This means I have to stay very focused and organised over the next three weeks to maximise my access before it ends. I've been spending quality time with the London Metropolitan Archives databases this week and have found many useful parish register entries. In particular I was very happy to see that a sizeable chunk of the records for the two churches in Twickenham 1800-1900 were now included, as I have multiple lines going through there, and going page by page through all the pre 1812 unindexed entries for Twickenham St Mary's has also proven valuable - although sadly my Alexander and Jane HUGHES appear to have married prior to 1800 (or perhaps not in Twickenham, as I have found a potential Alexander and Jane marrying in St James Picadilly Westminster in April 1800 - from what I've seen this name combination isn't common so it just might be them).


Sandy said...

Good call Alex.

I've had an incident with over the weekend that confirms i will not be supporting any of their products nor subscribing to anything they have a finger in. My thread in gives the background... it's all very shifty indeed!,448421.msg3107888.html#msg3107888

I have a subscription to if you ever need anything looked up [at least until July!]


Sandy said...
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Norma Howlett said...

I have a subscription to Ancestry and will willingly look up for you.
Love Norma xx

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