Saturday, October 09, 2010

Many colours of the rainbow

Inspired by Sussex boy John over at The Wandering Genealogist, I present a statistical representation of the birthplaces of my 3xgreat-grandparents.

It makes for a particularly unattractive graph colour-wise, no? Nonetheless, I shall embrace my diversity, as it turns out not every road leads to Buckinghamshire.


Anonymous said...

Much more colourful than mine!

Randy Seaver said...

Alex, how did you make this chart? Where did you obtain the data for it?

Genealogy Software? Excel?

I've added you to my Google Reader.

Cheers -- Randy Seaver

Alex said...

Hi Randy - it was made in Excel, and I pulled the base data manually out of my genealogy software (which was pretty quick to do when looking at a pedigree view). I imagine there's a smarty-pants way to select and export the data but for the numbers involved it was quicker to do it manually than work out how to export cleanly.

TCasteel said...

Love the chart - thank you for the explanation in the comments. I think I'll give this a whirl myself. (Happy Blogoversary!)

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