Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November update

It's November so I'm pleased to announce another addition to the list of Wing military men serving in WW1, Archibald Pitchford.

I was alerted to Archie by an email from a relative. This does demonstrate that there will be men from Wing who served in WW1 or other conflicts that I don't yet have listed, most likely because I can only easily find them in records that are searchable by birthplace. This can be difficult if the birthplace was stated in the underlying record but not extracted and included in the index I was using, which was the case with Archie's record in the WO363 series. You may have identified a serviceman's record where the birthplace isn't stated at all but you know from other information that it's definitely a Wing man, or a serviceman who wasn't born in Wing but lived in Wing! Please do check to make sure your father/grandfather/their siblings from Wing that served are included in my list, and if they're missing send me an email with their details.

We will remember them.


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