Monday, January 31, 2011

A challenge for you

Got a blog? Got an ancestor? Tell us about their ancestral place.

One of the blogging themes at is Those Places Thursday. Every genealogist should have a basic profile of each of their ancestral places, so this week why don't you pick one of those places, do a bit of research, and report back this Thursday on what you find?

There's a nice example here where Jen's looked at Herencia in Spain, learned a bit about its geography and history, thought about how that may have influenced her ancestor Nicanor's life, and identified what aspects of Herencia she'd need to know more about to round out Nicanor's ancestral story.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by Alex.

I checked your One Place Study site and think that it's fascinating! What a great idea!

The post on Herencia was really one of my favorites to write, because I had so much fun finding out about where they lived. I definitely plan on doing more and I hope that other bloggers follow suit.

Sheri said...

Alex Dahling!

Is this challenge of yours a "Double Dog Dare?" OMG you know perfectly well that I NEVER walk away from an authentic "Double Dog Dare."

Well off I go to Russia then to gather information.

John said...

I'd better start now if I am going to get this post written by Thursday, but which place to write about?

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