Saturday, January 01, 2011

January update - Happy New Year

Welcome to 2011, everyone! There are updates scattered all over the website this month.

There's several new military men picked up from the WO97 military pensions series. Most of these are for pre-1900 service and are from the ASHPOOL, BIRCH, BRAND, DUNCOMBE, ESSEX, GATES, GUTTERIDGE, HOUNSLOW, NEWENS, ROGERS, SHRIMPTON and WOODEARDS families.

Private Joseph DUNCOMBE was Wesleyan Methodist, so he's been added to the Methodist page.

I received a transcript of the will of George TRUEMAN thanks to Alan Jones - as well as the will itself, George was a major benefactor to the Congregational Union Church and a key player in the brickmaking business in Wing, and the will contained important information on both those areas. See those pages for further elaboration.

I've done a general tidy up of external links as well.


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