Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Next March....

....remind me not to start any projects! I'd decided to work on a wee project seeing how Family Historian (as an example of traditional family history software) could be adapted and used for a one-place study, as well as making a good dent in the 1910 valuation books project, not to mention continuing to process my photos taken last year at my brother's wedding and the associated trip to UK and Antigua (there's a deadline ticking on some vouchers I have to get a photobook printed). Unfortunately every year I underestimate how busy we're going to get at work approaching the financial year end and therefore how much energy I'm going to have left over for personal projects. Yes, I've done it again this year. Maybe next year I'll remember?

Friday, March 02, 2012

1910 valuation books - an update

I see it's been more than a month since I last blogged - quelle horreur! I bet you think I've been busy on the genealogy front, since I clearly haven't been online as much but alas, I have not. But I'm here now, holding myself accountable.

Let's revisit the moving target list. Target 1 was already achieved back in January. Target 2, transcribing the 1910 valuation book for Wing for the Buckinghamshire Genealogy Society, is underway. I've transcribed 25 of the 75 pages. I wasn't keeping track of how long it was taking me, although I think the 20 hours total for the project still seems pretty fair, which means there's around 13 hours to go. That's only phase 1 of that project though. While the columns I've transcribed are those that the BGS require, there are some additional columns in those books that they don't need and I'll be going back and grabbing the information in those as well. It would be good to get all this done by the end of March. It might take a little bit longer before that information makes it to the website though, as I also have the accompanying maps and it would be really good to translate that information into Google Maps or something similar so you can see exactly where the property that your ancestor owned or leased was.

I haven't done anything on the other four targets on the list. Do I get to count this as a win on the grounds that I've evidently resisted the temptation to hop around? Given that I've been pondering a wee side project looking at the use of traditional genealogy software for an OPS, perhaps a pat on the back isn't entirely warranted!

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