Friday, December 04, 2009

Advent Calendar - Christmas Cards

A post for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

The Christmas Card String was a green and white twisted affair, with teeny little pegs for clipping the incoming cards to it. This was then displayed strung across a wall. The string wasn't excessively long but it would definitely be surplus to requirements for today's Christmas cards - both incoming and outgoing have dwindled over the last decade to a handful, mostly overseas relatives and friends. The posting deadline to get cards to the UK always sneaks up on me!

I don't know that I ever specifically made any Christmas cards but I can prove I did receive some handmade ones. Yesterday I came across the one below from a workmate at Whitcoulls circa 1995, and the various details and in-jokes gave me as big a laugh now as it did then. Paula Travaglia, if you're out there, please email me!

My Mum remembers making Christmas cards for her grandparents, while the posh purchased ones went to non-family. I'd love to see one of those hand-made ones, but alas, they were not preserved for posterity.


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