Sunday, December 06, 2009

Advent Calendar - Santa Claus

A post for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

You want the truth? Well, here it is.....I saw Santa today! Honestly, I have proof!

Ellerslie Christmas Parade 6 December 2009
I had another encounter with Santa, aka Father Christmas once. When I was 7 or 8 I heard his sleighbells very distinctly one Christmas Eve. You know, when you factor in the different time zones across the world, it's not *that* hard for him to get around in one night.

While the elves are hard at work, Father Christmas hangs out at grottos in department stores (and on the odd Ford Model A in parades, evidently). This tradition goes back decades in England, as my mother reports going to see him back in the day. When she was seven her brother tried to claim that Father Christmas didn't exist but I'm sure the milk and mince pies were still left out for him, something that everyone did, even me!


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