Saturday, January 07, 2012

The moving target - step away from the computer

The final goal for my moving target list of projects for the Wing One Place Study for 2012 is offline.

I fear that the plastic supports on the creaking in-tray of doom are permanently bowed. Time to clean out the Wing section (it's only 2 inches thick), work out what projects are actually lurking in there, make a list (ready for 2013?) then file the paperwork away with the rest of my Wing records.

Unfortunately that'll lead me to part two of this goal - I also fear that my Wing "library" might need some reorganisation. Like the in-tray of doom, it seems to have outgrown its current accommodations, so I'll need to have a bit of a reshuffle.

I think that concludes the moving target list. There's a good mix of projects on it - different physical locations to work in, different types and sizes of projects, a clear focus on getting existing projects completed (and with room for some slight deviation if something pops up that's relevant to the farms project, the biggest task), and most importantly the list is more than achievable. It does mean that you might not see an update to the website every month. But you know what? That's okay. I'll have done enough for a Mallowpuff, as we say down here.


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