Monday, January 02, 2012

The moving target - valuation books

[For background to The Moving Target series of posts, see the story so far]

A project I've already committed is the 1910 valuation books project being undertaken by the Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society. They are taking digital photos of the valuation books, which give information about physical buildings, and members of the BGS are transcribing them. I've volunteered for Wing and it looks like the images might be available in a month or so, so this will have top priority once they arrive.

As I'm doing this as part of the wider BGS effort which will be available for sale down the track, I won't be able to publish the Wing data on the website. However I will have that information available offline to incorporate into other Wing OPS projects where relevant. I'm hoping that these valuation books will provide some timely information about the farmhouses of Wing - more about that tomorrow!


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