Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advent Calendar - Outdoor Decorations

A post for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

Outdoor decorations are a relatively newfangled notion here in NZ. Given that it doesn't get dark until at least 8.30pm outdoor lights are somewhat redundant, and outdoor decorations seems to me like an American import over the last 10 years or so. It's definitely taken off though, and there are particularly festive streets and houses that people will specifically come to see. One house, on my way to my parents' house, has large and elaborate snowmen and the like, although I don't recall spotting them yet this year. Myself, I've always had a secret hankering for a string of icicle lights around the house - can't afford to buy them this year, but maybe next year!

The English experience is different again from the NZ and US. Towns would each have their big outdoor tree and the official switching-on of the Christmas lights was a big occasion. I assumed this was a recent thing, probably because nowadays the switching-on is done by whichever celebrity (A-list for Oxford Street, D-list for elsewhere in the country - but this story charmed me this year) can be mustered up, but Mum tells me this was the big highlight of Christmas in the 1950s and 60s as well. No-one had outdoor lights or decorations then, apart from a wreath on the door, but she remembers looking forward to being taken into town to see the lights.


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